Beverage Director

  • Greenville, United States

Beverage Director

Job description

High Spirits Hospitality is the parent company to Liquid Catering, The Old Cigar Warehouse, Bravo1 Protection, Topside Pool Club, and High Spirits Events. We are driven with the vision of providing exceptional customer service to our clients, as well as embracing a positive team culture for our employees. Company-wide we have 16 full-time employees and 50+ part time employees. Our Beverage Director splits their time between Topside Pool Club and Liquid Catering. It is an active job, you would be completing inventory, planning event logistics, bartending, managing, and more. We are a growing company, and we expect this position to grow with us!


Our ideal candidate will be someone with a passion for working for a small business and understands the entrepreneurial drive and fluidity of a small but growing company. All of our brands are centered around hospitality, so a candidate who has experience in restaurants and with events is a MUST to better understand the hours and physical demands of the job. 

Topside Pool Club Duties

Topside is open March-October. During the season, 90% of your time will be spent there, with a lot of weekend shifts. 

  • Assist the General Manager with supervising and managing all aspects of the club. Establishing operating business plan to ensure member satisfaction by surveying member demands, evaluating competition, and assessing our operating cost and cost of goods. Responsible for managing the hourly staff of 3-5 bartenders.
  • Must be able to provide exceptional leadership by training, scheduling, directing, motivating, tracking, and coaching as well as redirect and reprimand unsatisfactory behaviors. 
  • Bartend shifts as the Manager on Duty.
  • Assist with planning, set-up and work monthly membership events, both on and off-site. Events include mixology classes, wine & beer tastings, beer tours, and more.
  • Maintain safe, secure, and healthy facilities by establishing, following and enforcing sanitary and safety procedures.  Ensure the club complies with all local, state and federal regulations regarding safety, alcohol consumption and health.

Liquid Catering Duties

During the off season, the schedule will be more flexible. There will be more office and project time, although plenty of event bartending and management shifts. 

  • Oversee our beverage list. 
  • Create signature cocktails for upcoming events. 
  • Coordinate beverage logistics for large events, concerts, and festivals.
  • Bartend and lead events, including managing shifts at The Old Cigar Warehouse.

Overall Duties

  • Oversee the development of our beverage program by leveraging vendor relationships, researching trends and customer wants. 
  • Work with the corporate Marketing Manager to strategize efficient marketing campaigns using social media, web, public relations, email campaigns and our digital presence with the purpose of getting our prospective customers to know, like and trust us.  
  • Be the "face" of the companies by providing your expert beverage knowledge for TV appearances, blogs, media articles, and social media posts. Compete in mixology competitions to increase brand credibility. 
  • Controls all usage, waste, inventory, and ordering. 
  • Develop and maintain standard operating procedures such as customer service policies, cleaning checklists, training guides, etc. 
  • Develop and lead bartender training programs.
  • Compile and present weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports regarding club sales, customer satisfaction, market trends, and performance rates. 
  • Understand and ensure all company policies are followed. Write and implement new company policies as needed. 
  • Responsible for handling all conflicts as they arise, whether it’s with a member, guest, vendor, tenant or employee. 
  • Attend weekly meetings including but not limited to planning meetings, operations meeting and sales recaps. Handle other special projects as requested.
  • Responsible for ensuring the safe alcohol service of all patrons. 
  • Continue to foster the company culture of High Spirits Hospitality by being an active, passionate member of our management and event team.  Work manually as needed to move supplies and products to different locations, set-up events and clean our facilities.


  • Attend weekly planning and operations meetings.
  • Be on time for work each day.
  • Work 32-40 hours per week depending on the season. Most summer work scheduled will be Thursday-Sunday evenings with most Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. There is more flexibility during the winter.
  • Own a laptop PC computer and cell phone that can be used for work purposes.  
  • Provide exceptional customer service to our clients and guests. 
  • Must be able to think critically and problem solve, sometimes in very high stress situations. 
  • Should be able to wow the community and media with your mixology showmanship skills. 


  • Hourly, non-exempt employee.
  • Biweekly pay
  • 80 hours of PTO each year. Days are accumulated.
  • $20 Technology allowance paid biweekly to compensate for cell phone and computer usage.   
  • 56 hours of annual paid holiday time off. 
  • Eligible for company health, vision, and dental insurance. The company pays 50% of the employee's premiums, and 10% of a dependent. 
  • Eligible to participate in our 401k program after first year of employment.


  • Must be able to lift and move 50 lbs. without assistance.
  • Must have the physical stamina to work in the heat for 8+ hour shifts. 
  • Must be able to work independently without supervision.
  • Must own a vehicle and be able to drive it to work (have to drive between locations).
  • Must own a cell phone.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must have at least five years of hospitality experience with at least three years of bartending experience.
  • Must have at least two years of experience in a supervisory role. 
  • Should demonstrate exceptional computer skills. 
  • Possess strong organizational, written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays as needed.